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How to choose a root canal file?

What is a root canal file?

The use of root canal files in dentistry is mainly for the restoration of teeth and endodontics and the preparation of crowns. A root canal file is a tool for grinding the tooth and pulp with a file in the process of grinding the tooth. Different grinding materials grind the tooth with different hardness and strength, but they all have to be checked during use to ensure the quality and longevity of the root canal.


In general, a root canal file with either a round or square shape is appropriate. This is because the round shape allows better grinding and positioning of the walls of the root canal, but larger and thicker files require trimming operations such as grooving. In some cases where the inner wall of the root canal is to be polished, a round file is more beneficial for contouring the inner wall of the root canal.

In general, round files are better for grinding small diameter teeth, but if larger, thicker or deeper grooves are required, square files or square files can be used for this purpose.

Size and grinding angle

The size of a root canal file is based on the shape of the tooth and the shape of the file determines the size of the different types of root canal files. A medium size file is generally preferred, while a small size is suitable for grinding the surface of the tooth and the pulp as well as hard surfaces such as small rounded and bevelled surfaces.

Durability of the file

Once a root canal file has been used, it needs to be maintained. Avoid rusting and corroding during use. If the file needs to be used again after grinding and polishing, care needs to be taken to protect it. For thinner (less than 0.05 mm thick) files they should be under 0.05 mm; for thicker (thicker than 0.05 mm) powdered files they need to be over 0.05 mm.


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