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Product Details:

Product eatures : 

  • 0.1 2 s exposure time, exposure time than ordinary X-ray machine shrink five to eight times
  • Built-in MICROCHIP control chip
  • Equipped with Canon cancN (formerly Toshiba) high-frequency direct current tube from Japan
  • providing better and more stable image quality
  • Fully charged state can be continuously exposed for about 1000 times
  • Stability : Imported Toshiba HF inverter output 25.2V ultra high capacity customized lithium battery
  • Portability : The entire machine weighs only 1.5 kg, small and portable, easily controlled by one person.
  • Accuracy : Select the tooth position area with one click Digital, film mode one – key conversion
  • Security : Start up self check routine fault automatic alarm Radiation dose control is far below the national standard




uses high-voltage frequency conversion, electronic voltage doubling rectification technology, high-voltage excitation micro-focus X-ray tube to generate X-rays, and then uses X-ray penetration characteristics to perspective human teeth to obtain images, and the generated image information is used to display tissue images through film or digital images through connected devices. Then, according to the images, the relevant lesions were clinically diagnosed.



D-RAY II Basic principles of X-ray production

When the cathode terminal filament is under low pressure, the filament is heated to emit free electrons. High voltage power supply high voltage output clip on both ends of anode and cathode filament, respectively, to provide a high voltage electric field, make filament on the active group of free electron acceleration orientation to the anode target surface movement, After bombarding the anode target surface, the electrons suddenly stop moving, converting 99% of the energy into heat, and 1% producing X-rays due to the Compton effect.








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