The difference between blue and gold of rotary files


denco ni-ti rotary files

The heat-activated nickel-titanium wire can be any shape as you want. Files produced by this material can adapt to the natural shape of the root canal, of course, including severely curved root canals.

Why it has blue & gold color?

The two colors are naturally produced when the unique temperature curve is heat activation. Making nickel-titanium materials have different rigidity, toughness and elasticity to meet various root canal preparation requirements.

How to choose the files?

Gold is suitable for mildly curved anterior and simple partial of posterior teeth. It is the first choice for the pursuit of ultimate efficiency.

DENCO rotary file D-SUPER FILES Details

Blue color specially designed for complex root canals such as curved narrow and calcified root canals. It can minimize the risk of instrument separation and avoid step side piercing to deal with difficult root canals with confidence.

DENCO rotary file SUPER FILES III details

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