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What to look for in root canal retreatment?

Root canal therapy is an important technique in the dental clinic, which is mainly used to treat the root canal in the pulp chamber and then restore it in order to preserve the tooth and prolong its life.

Residual tissue must be removed from the tooth prior to treatment, as it is not possible to retain a living pulp tooth in the root canal, as this will result in failure of retreatment. After root canal retreatment, the remaining cementum tips in the root canal should be extracted as much as possible to reduce the breakage of the root canal wall and the continued growth of residual tissue to the adjacent teeth; if the remaining tips are large and have not been completely removed, partial extraction can be considered. Special care should be taken not to damage the adjacent teeth when completely removing the remaining cementum cusps. If root canal retreatment is still required after the restoration is completed, then it is important to protect the root canal properly.

After root canal treatment, care needs to be taken to protect the root canal wall so that the tooth does not develop a bacterial infection due to the breakage of the root canal wall.

Root canal retreatment is a common method for endodontic disease, periapical disease, pulpitis, etc. If patients have pulp inflammation, they must go to a regular dental hospital for examination and sterilization treatment, and should undergo root canal treatment only after anti-inflammatory treatment, so as not to cause pulp inflammation to aggravate and cause more serious problems to appear.


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