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How to deal with a broken needle in root canal treatment

In the first case, the broken needle is not beyond the physiological root via hole within the root canal, this case can be disinfected by root canal change, if the patient has no discomfort symptoms and there is no secretion in the root canal, consider plasticizing treatment. Generally, the tooth is asymptomatic and able to function, and can also be observed regularly.

In the second case, the broken needle can be removed under the microscope, and the broken needle can be removed with special instruments for removing the broken needle, or the broken needle can be removed with ultrasonic instruments, but if there is a broken needle in the lower 1/3 of the root, it is usually difficult to remove it, and plasticization treatment is considered.

In the third case, if the broken needle is beyond the root tendon hole, causing inflammation of the root tendon tissue, itching and pain, etc., root canal surgery is usually considered to remove the broken needle and also to search the periapical tissue for inflammation.


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