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How to operate the anesthetic aid during root canal treatment

The following steps need to be followed to operate the anesthetic aid during root canal treatment:

1、Preparation of the equipment: Make sure that the anesthetic aid has been properly installed and connected, and carry out the appropriate preparations according to the instruction manual, such as loading anesthetic drugs, checking the syringe and sensors.

2、Positioning: Use the sensors or guides on the anesthesia aid to position the tooth and root canal. Place the sensor or guide in the correct position according to the instructions of the anesthesia aid to ensure accurate injection.

3、Injection of anesthetic drugs: Use the syringe on the anesthetic aid to inject anesthetic drugs according to the instructions on the anesthetic aid. Adjust the speed and pressure of the syringe as needed to ensure that the anesthetic drug is evenly distributed to the tooth and root canal area.

4、Monitoring and Adjustment: Closely monitor the display or indicator on the anesthesia aid during the injection process to ensure delivery of the anesthetic drug. Adjustments are made as needed to maintain injection accuracy and patient comfort.

5、Completion of the operation: Once the injection is complete, continue with subsequent steps such as cleaning and filling of the root canal according to the course of the root canal treatment.


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